chip tuning file

What is Chip Tuning?

Through a careful and customized operation, of the software that commands operating parameters you will get performance that you don’t expect in present and we do not exceed the limits imposed by the manufacturer, gain in power and torque will feel immediately and since the motor efficiency is significantly higher consumption does not increase and may even decrease, with the same driving style before the execution of the work of chiptuning, it is however good to note that any forced and inappropriate operation of a motor can lead to premature wear or destruction of related parts, with or without chiptuning!
Why us?

If you are looking for high quality ecu tuning files or if you want to start a tuning business or if you already have one but you don't have the knowledge to edit an ecu file in favor of obtaining more power & torque or any other custom mods this is the right place for you, you can definitely call on our service.

engine enhancement

Increases in power up to 30% higher turbo-diesel engines or turbo-petrol and 10% diesel or gasoline aspired engines. Even if you choose to add more power, disable EGR or reduce the fuel consumption, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.