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If you choose our service we can offer:

Tuned files for normally aspirated engines petrol & diesel, Tuned files for turbo petrol engines, Tuned files for turbo diesel engines, Tuned files for trucks/boat/moto, ECO tuning files for fuel saving, DSG tuning, Correcting wrong tuned files, Fix errors on EGR DPF DTC OFF MODS, DPF/FAP OFF, EGR OFF, Selective DTC OFF, AD BLUE REMOVAL, Updates for corupt original files, Hot Start Fix, IMMO OFF or permanent EEPROM solutions, ECU cloning solution, Speed limiter removal or activation, Lambda 02 delete

 Because we are a team of professionals, quality and performance are the criteria that guide us to work, together we will discover a new level of performance of your car!

What is changed?

  • Through a careful and customized operation, of the software that commands operating parameters like (injection, turbo, EGR etc) you will get performance that you don’t expect in present.
  • We do not exceed the limits imposed by the manufacturer, gain in power and torque will feel immediately and consumption will decrease for a normal driving style!


What are the performances after chiptuning?

  • There is no general rule when it comes to chip tuning.
  • Increases in power up to 30% higher turbo-diesel engines or turbo-petrol and 10% diesel or gasoline aspired engines.
  • Remapping is done through OBD II diagnostic port and is not altered information read by the sensor as with Power Box.
  • Note, however, a new trend - newer engines began to be increasingly sensitive and limits of production are increasingly reduced.
  • Since the motor efficiency is significantly higher consumption does not increase and may even decrease, with the same driving style before the execution of the work of chiptuning.
  • It is however good to note that any forced and inappropriate operation of a motor can lead to premature wear or destruction of related parts, with or without chiptuning!

Direct drive method to retrieve the ECU / engine management software for rewrite. This in turn may differ depending on the generation ECU as follows:

  • The older generation computers, original memory must be desoldered and replace it with another already programmed with the modified software. This is "baptized" as Classic Chiptuning  or Chiptuning by desoldering.
  • The newer generation computers detachment is not necessary to perform a particular procedure Chiptuning chip. For this we use a device called BDM (Background Debug Mode) that come into direct contact with the motherboard injection computer, thus realizing the reading / writing software.
  • Reflash method (or Flashtuning or OBD2 tuning) the diagnostic port (OBD - On Board Diagnosis). With the advancement of technology, came the possibility of reading / rewriting the ECU management software directly through the socket which usually connects diagnostic tester.
  • Obviously it is a far more convenient but also safer, eliminating almost any 'proof' of interventions on the ECU. However, not all vehicles support this operation, but they are always one of the two procedures from the previous method.


Why does not the factory car 'equipped' with Chiptuning? The answer is simple and quite logical. Any engine, it is put into production, it is released with a certain degree of tolerance.

  • Such power and torque are limited from software at a much smaller percentage 60-70% of baseline (in turbocharged engines).
  • This degree of tolerance is meant to protect the engine by extreme driving styles and inadequate, but also to withstand climate differences where that model is sold (car should work equally well both in desert climates and in very cold / wet etc).
  • After remap, engine life will be shorter? NO, you should not worry to lower reliability.
  • However it should be noted that an improper engine operation leads to premature wear of it, equally with or without chiptuning.
  •  The improper operation may understand driving force when the engine is cold, or supply of poor quality fuels and oils.
  • How is affect consumption? Increase ..? Since the engine has better efficiency, reduced consumption in normal driving mode. The decrease is small, but for a much lower consumption you can call on Ecotuning.


I can lose the warranty if the car is under warranty? If there is no agreement with the dealer area no but it can be detected. But normally it can not be detected if there aren't further investigations made!

  • How long does the whole operation?
  • Depending on the method used, the execution time can be between 1-6 hours / car.
  • What fuel should be used after remap?
  • In general the same type of fuel as before Chiptuning. However, it is recommended to use one of quality.


I noticed that if aspirated engines increases power and torque are pretty low. It is worth doing a remap for that?

  • Indeed, in the absence of a turbocharger or supercharger, aspirated engine power and torque increases are smaller.
  • But the vast majority of customers, holders of such engines have noted a different behavior of the car the whole speed range, the engine having an increased flexibility and an improved start, even if the maximum power and torque are not very high.